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Welcome to Ministache!

This is an extremely mini Moustache application used to test my clj-webdriver project. I've tried using other websites, but I'd rather not have an external dependency and no one site I've found sports all of the form elements needed for testing.

The pages (in order of creation) are:
  1. welcome.html
  2. form.html
  3. clojure.html
And in tabular form:
File's Name Purpose of "File"
welcome.html (row 1, cell 1) Introduction, test generic HTML elements (row 1, cell 2)
form.html (row 2, cell 1) Test HTML form elements (row 2, cell 2)
clojure.html (row 3, cell 1) Test window handling (row 3, cell 2)

By the way, Clojure is amazing! for the following reasons:

Enjoy! See the links below.